Building A New Home In Buffalo/WNY 2018

Many questions come our way when this time of year rolls around. After all, there is a lot to know regarding building a new home in Buffalo/WNY.

“Why and How?” you may ask… Why and how would you possibly be expected to know all of the information surrounding a new home project, before you come shopping for one?

“The biggest thing for me, having just gone through the stresses of closing on my first home, is simply having compassion for people who are looking to build a home for the first – or especially – the last time in their life” said Nicholas Bellanti, Sales Manager of Owl Homes of Fredonia.

“Like myself, many of our clients are finding out that the Real Estate Market is quite literally, out of this world. Hence the massive influx of not only business, but questions, that we’re receiving lately. I truly feel for our clients, and as a Sales Manager here, I am confident in my strategy of giving information and making this an easy and transparent process for people of all knowledge levels.”  – Nicholas Bellanti, Sales Manager of Owl Homes of Fredonia.

There are 13 Model Homes setup for display (Including a Two-Story Home which sits on our Turn-Key 8 Foot Superior Wall Basement for viewing, Cape-Cod, and Ranch Homes), that allow us to help you figure out which style home you’d like depending of course on budget.

After this, we’re glad to schedule a free site inspection in order to accumulate accurate utility and site costs to add to the price of the custom home itself. This allows us to give a complete New Home Project Estimate.



Send us a message using the “Request a call” button located on every “New Home” page on the website, OR simply give us a call or stop in any time during hours of operation to check out our 13 homes on display or meet with a consultant for info!

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Buffalo/WNY Home & Garden Expo 2018

Another year has passed, and with it, a new series of beautiful custom homes is being produced by our manufacturers. 

Owl homes of Fredonia’s #1 goal this year at the 2018 Buffalo/WNY Home and Garden Expo, is to deliver superior knowledge to our visitors, regarding the efficiency and quality you will receive when building with us.

The Team at Owl Homes of Fredonia, is looking forward to expressing our passion in what we do, into the atmosphere this year at the show. Therefore… we have called in multiple representatives from both of our partnered manufacturers, who will be kindly joining us in properly guiding our visitors in return for their questions.

Fill out a giveaway card to be entered to win! We will be displaying Drone Footage of our Home Sets, as well as Virtual Home Tours , on a 40″ LED TV that will be our prize giveaway at the end of the show.

Check Out a Sneak Peek of a Virtual Tour That Will Be Displayed At The Link Below!

Event Details at the Link Below:


Serving From Erie PA to The Niagara River For Over 50 Years… AND we’re not done yet!

Call anytime to learn more about the home building process, or stop in anytime to see over $1,000,000.00 in homes, furnished, on display. 


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