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Top 5 Builder Award

Top 5 Builder

We are ecstatic to learn we, Owl Homes of Fredonia, has received the 2021 Top 5 out of 150 Builder Award from Commodore Homes of Pennsylvania.
We are grateful for all of our customers who trust in us to provide you a wonderful product and also grateful for our amazing staff and contractors that make this all possible.
At Owl Homes of Fredonia, we are dedicated to providing quality housing at affordable prices, while offering the highest level of customer service. We strive to give our customers our uncompromising commitment to honesty and integrity. Our word is our bond.

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Home Market Analysis Buffalo/WNY

Have you ever heard that song “What a Wonderful World”? Well… the Housing Market in 2018 has left us wondering just how wonderful the world really is.

In 2018, and continuing with force into 2019, the real estate market (Existing Used Structures) is experiencing its most inflated pricing since the early 1990’s. This has greatly affected and changed the way Americans are able to live their lives. Due to these crude Real Estate conditions, the New Home Market has flourished. Americans built more New Homes in 2018 Than since the early 1990’s.

“It’s bothersome, the amount of people who come to us and tell us that they were looking at existing homes for over $100k that were 25 years old or more, which have NO WARRANTIES on them, and the homes even need work done to them most of the time, and people are REALLY considering buying this stuff!! It is just craziness. We are writing up New Built Home Projects on private properties all over Buffalo and WNY. Including Ranch, Chalet, Cape Cod, and Two Story Home packages. Small Ranch Homes can start as low as in the $90k’s for the home. But we can build anything from a small modest project like that, up to the biggest most luxury home of your dreams. We also offer Manufactured Housing where the houses start as low as in the $40k’s. We work within 100 miles, so offer all types of housing and can achieve any price point for our visitors or inquirers.” – Said Nicholas Bellanti, New Home Consultant of Owl Homes of Fredonia.


Owl Homes of Fredonia is home to over $1,000,000.00 in New Homes, setup for display for visitors to walk through. This includes Ranch Homes, Cape Cod, Two Story, as well as a fully turn key basement for viewing.

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