Home Market Analysis Buffalo/WNY

Have you ever heard that song “What a Wonderful World”? Well… the Housing Market in 2018 has left us wondering just how wonderful the world really is.

In 2018, and continuing with force into 2019, the real estate market (Existing Used Structures) is experiencing its most inflated pricing since the early 1990’s. This has greatly affected and changed the way Americans are able to live their lives. Due to these crude Real Estate conditions, the New Home Market has flourished. Americans built more New Homes in 2018 Than since the early 1990’s.

“It’s bothersome, the amount of people who come to us and tell us that they were looking at existing homes for over $100k that were 25 years old or more, which have NO WARRANTIES on them, and the homes even need work done to them most of the time. We are writing up New Built Home Projects on private properties all over Buffalo and WNY. Including Ranch, Chalet, Cape Cod, and Two Story Home packages. Small Ranch Homes can start as low as in the $90k’s for the home. But we can build anything from a small modest project like that, up to the biggest most luxury home of your dreams. We also offer Manufactured Housing where the houses start as low as in the $40k’s. We offer all types of housing and can achieve any price point for our visitors or inquirers.” – Said Nicholas Bellanti, New Home Consultant of Owl Homes of Fredonia.


Owl Homes of Fredonia is home to over $1,000,000.00 in New Homes, setup for display for visitors to walk through. This includes Ranch Homes, Cape Cod, Two Story, as well as a fully turn key basement for viewing.

Campus Location: 3752 E. Main Rd. Fredonia NY 14063 (Where Routes 20 and 60 meet)

Phone: 716-673-1366

Email: owlhomesoffredonia@netsync.net


“From Erie PA to the Niagara River for Over 50 Years”








Dominic A. Bellanti – President – Owl Homes of Fredonia (Left) – Mayor Wilfred Rosas – City of Dunkirk (Right)


Dominic and his local business – Owl Homes of Fredonia – received an award of appreciation, Thursday July 27th, for sponsoring Dunkirk Festivals and Special Events.

“Without your loyal sponsorship, these events would be difficult to provide for our city residents and tourists alike” Said Mayor Wilfred Rosas of The City of Dunkirk.

Owl Homes of Fredonia thanks all of it’s local supporters and the thousands that were in attendance during the receipt of this prestigious award.

“It means everything to myself and the team at Owl Homes of Fredonia, to be recognized on such a large scale. We plan to continue our journey as Western New York and Buffalo New York’s number one home builder. We find that giving back to the community is one of the most exciting and rewarding ways to spread awareness of the truly great business that we do.” Said Dominic A. Bellanti – President Owl Homes of Fredonia.

Owl Homes of Fredonia is the areas Largest Home Builder with Over $1,000,000.00 in homes on site, on display, for all to see.

Serving From Erie PA To The Niagara River – Western New York and Buffalo’s Leading Home Builder

Click “New Homes” At the top of the page to see our Limitless Custom New Homes and many Different Designs and Floor plans. (AND.. Send us an Inquiry Message on Almost any page on the site.)

716-673-1366   /   3752 E. Main St. Fredonia, NY 14063






Modular Homes in Buffalo

– Modular Homes In Buffalo New York At Owl Homes of Fredonia –

Build your future in Buffalo with Modular Homes from Owl Homes of Fredonia

Bringing over 40 years of experience in the housing industry…

Dominic Bellanti (Owner) and his son Nicholas Bellanti, continue their journey as Buffalo and Western New York’s Leading Home Builder.


– Serving From Erie PA to The Niagara River –

Owl Homes of Fredonia is a separate entity from the other Owl Homes companies in New York.

Owl Homes of Fredonia is a Proud partner of Manorwood Homes which is one of America’s leading modular home manufacturers and one of the largest privately owned and family managed home builders in the Northeast.

An innovative system-built construction method is involved in building Modular Homes. The Method utilizes the most modern technologies to achieve maximum quality, value, and building efficiencies.



Our new home selection includes Ranch, Cape, Two-Story, Chalet, Coastal, and Vacation Homes (Yes.. Whatever you’re looking for)

Every project is different (Custom) and every customer has their own ideas and necessities. So we want to get to know what type of home you would like to build.

Click “New Homes” At the top of the page to see our Limitless Custom New Homes and many Different Designs and Floor plans. (AND.. Send us an Inquiry Message on Almost any page on the site.)


– With Over $1,000,000.00 In New Homes On Site For Display – Western New York’s Leading Home Builder –

716-673-1366   /   3752 E. Main St. Fredonia, NY 14063