Modular vs. Manufactured Homes

What is the difference between a Modular and a Manufactured home?

A Modular home is a high quality, stick built home that is assembled in a humidity and temperature controlled location. Modular housing has proven time and time again to be much less expensive than building yourself.

After assembly, the home is then transported to its final destination where it is set on its permanent foundation. These homes cannot be moved once they are in place. Also a Modular home conforms to State, Local and regional Codes, whereas Manufactured, or Mobile homes are built to Federal, or HUD Codes.

Can I build my home in the winter?

Yes!  We perform service and installations year round.

Can I put a doublewide home on a basement?

Yes!  Manufactured homes can be put on a solid foundation, basement or piers.  The choice is yours.

Can I customize a floorplan or do I have to choose from a book?

Yes!  We also offer hundreds of floor plans to choose from.

Do I have a choice on flooring, cabinetry, counters, etc?

Yes!  We offer several standard options and also many upgrades are available as well.

Can I trade in my existing home?

Yes!  We will gladly take a look at your existing manufactured home to determine trade in value.  Call the office today for an appointment!