WINTER OPEN HOUSE 2019 Building Homes Year-Round in Buffalo/WNY

Too cold to build? Too snowy to build? Pouring Basements and building new homes in January!? What are you, nuts!?… Well uh, yes. Yes we are. A good kind of nuts though. Not the kind that you put in a bowl on the table for the family on Christmas day, no no. It’s the kind of nuts that sets you aside from everyone else, the kind of nuts that works so well, you notice everyone starts to follow in your foot steps once they see it can be done.

This year – for the first time ever – we’re showing off a bit. The “Other Guys” are simply behind the times, and sadly those who don’t evolve will be left in the dust. 20 guys coming to your property and building you a home from the ground up while enduring weather elements is just a thing of the past, and undoubtedly nerve wracking. I’d like to welcome you to forget everything you’ve ever known about building a new home.

Welcome to Owl Homes of Fredonia. Welcome to the newest, most economical, most structured and simple, highest quality, heaviest duty way to build a home, and YES we do it any time of the year. Your home will be built in a beautiful, massive, temperature and humidity controlled, state of the art facility in Pennsylvania. Fully custom home designs and floor plans with set options and pricing guidelines to follow, designing homes inside and out in less than an hour and a half using our brand new home design room. Factory engineers catering to your every want and need. I mean it just doesn’t get any better.

Oh wait, yes it does. Owl Homes of Fredonia is home to the Largest showcase of homes in the Western New York area and beyond. We have over $1,000,000.00 in Homes built, setup, and furnished on display for our guests to walk through and enjoy before designing and building their new home with us.   

Winter Open House 2019 DEC 6th-8th. Friday 9-6, Saturday 9-5, and Sunday 11-4. See you then.


3752 E. Main Rd. Fredonia, NY 14063



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