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Modular Homes In New York At Owl Homes

Owl Homes of Fredonia is achieving the unthinkable. Unlimited Custom New Homes to choose from that can be designed by YOU…

Yes you – top to bottom – for only a fraction of the cost of Traditional Stick Built Housing.

Being the fastest growing housing option, Modular Homes equal roughly 3% of all homes in the United States.

Professionals in the housing industry expect this percentage to triple within the next 5 years.

Realtors and Developers – as well as even Charities and Not for Profits – have noticed the increase in Modular Homes replacing non habitable homes stretching the entire reach of the country (urban and rural areas alike) due to their level of quality and affordability.

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Modular Homes In Western New York

Another Satisfied Customer By Owl Homes of Fredonia


It’s times like these that remind us of why we do what we do – and why we “KEEP ON BRINGING IT”.

As the LARGEST Single Lot Dealer in Western New York – with Over $1,000,000.00 In Inventory (Furnished For Display)  right on site… We’re feeling pretty good these days.

AFTER ALL… We’ve been Carrying The Modular Home Industry in New York to the next level for some time now.

With our innovative education and purchasing strategies, as well as exceptional relationships with the best builders in the country… It’s no wonder why our competitors have fallen farther and farther behind.

That’s why at Owl Homes of Fredonia, we won’t try to sell you a home out of a catalog like “The Other Guys” –  Also unlike them, we won’t “cut a hundred here, or cut a hundred there” just to get your business.

YOU SEE… We believe that “Genuine Businesses” have confidence in their services, products, employees, and most of all… Their Guests.

Maybe that’s why we’ve been The Most Trusted Modular Home Builder in the area for over 50 years….   Just a guess.


From Erie PA To The Niagara River – Owl Homes of Fredonia – WNY’S #1 Home Builder

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Modular Homes in New York – Owl Homes of Fredonia

With the turning of the tide rapidly spiraling in the housing industry, and the U.S. seeing the highest building costs in history… 

Many are starting to look for a better and cheaper alternative.

THUS… we have seen the extreme increase in production of modular/prefab homes.

Modern Developers looking to establish property in cities and rural areas are realizing that it’s become too expensive to hire contractors to “stick build” their new properties.

For this reason – the era of Modular/Prefab has begun.

At Owl Homes of Fredonia, We Represent The Future of Home Building.

This cheaper, higher quality and more time efficient alternative has spread like WILDFIRE into the very reach of all society.

Whether you’re the real estate developer or someone simply looking to build a home for yourself or your family… Modular Homes are for YOU.

Serving From Erie PA to The Niagara River For over 50 Years

Owl Homes of Fredonia

WNY’S #1 Home Builder

With Over $1,000,000.00 in Homes On Site, On Display


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